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We are engaging, innovative, and flexible.

The only time you will hear us say no, is when something truly is impossible. 


You are welcomed to bring it on, so please, ask it all. We are only as great as our last big challenge!


What are first steps to booking an event?

We’ll connect to learn more about your goals, needs, and overall expectations.  No two events are the same, so taking the time to learn more will benefit us all in the long run.  After gathering more information, we’ll be able to provide you with a baseline quote and next steps to move forward.

How far out does an event need to be booked?

If decisions are made quickly and schedules align, we can be ready to go in 24 hours.  Of course, the longer lead time, the better.

What on-site activations do you offer?

Hand-crafted painting, etching, illustration, and calligraphy.  We have embroidery machines available as well.  Please message us with any new ideas you may have!

Do we have to supply the product being customized?

Nope!  Our full-service studio is here to work with you from ideation to product sourcing to delivery.  We are happy to work with products provided by our clients as well.

Can you describe the on-site customer experience?

The attendee will be asked to fill out one of our personalization cards.  With the design menu showcased on ipads assisted by an LRM team members, they will fill in their name, choice of font, color, etc.  Once complete, they are free to leave and come back once their piece is dry or welcomed to watch us at work.  If anyone has any questions regarding process or aesthetic choice, an LRM team member will be available to support.

Can the guests take home their piece that day?

That is always our goal! 

How many guests can you manage?

We will scale the team according to how many attendees you expect.  From 20 guests to thousands, we are built to support both small and large scale opportunities.

Do you offer samples?

We are eager to dive in and explore all surfaces.  With that said we will test out any surface we deem questionable.  LRM leads with honesty and will never accept a project if the surface jeopardizes the quality of our work. If the initial product doesn’t work out, we will always work to creative problem solve other ways to move forward.  Other than initial testing, additional pre-project work will incur a fee.  All branded merchandise samples require a fee.

Can you explain your pricing structure?

While our events are priced at an hourly rate, our gifting is on a per project basis.

What are your one-off personalization capabilities?

From hand painting, etching, illustration, and calligraphy to embroidery, embossing, screen printing, and vinyl, think of us as your full-service personalization atelier.

What is the turnaround time for gifting and mailers?

Depending on our production calendar, anywhere from 2-4 weeks with rush production flexible from 2-10 days.

Is there a minimum quantity?

No minimums required with bulk pricing available upon request.

Are there any surfaces that are unable to be customized?

We’d advise against vinyl and silicone.  They have yet to pass our extensive quality control testing.

What are first steps to commissioning my own luxury wearable artwork?

Please reach out to order your own custom piece. An initial deposit is required to hold your spot yet fully refundable up until digital mockup kickoff.

How long is your waitlist?

Our typical waitlist time is around a month long but this is just an estimate. During this time you can gather design inspiration and obtain the item you would like to have painted, so you are prepared once it becomes your turn.  Click here to learn more about the entire process.

Can you tell me more about the digital mockup?

We know you've been patiently waiting for your turn, so in order to be efficient with time, we will start your digital mockup while your item is in transit.  After nailing down your vision, we will send over artwork concepts, showcased on your exact product.  Two rounds of revisions are included in the total quoted cost.

Will you ideate with me to help me decide what would look best?

Of course! Our favorite part of the job is partnering with you on how to make your vision a reality.  Whether you have an idea ready to go or have no clue where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

What are your private client rates?

Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind therefore the price is dependent upon the complexity of the design and the item.  Our  studio will be able to provide a better idea on pricing once they learn more.  You are required to ship your item at your cost, with complimentary return shipping.

Do you offer luxury product touchups?

LRM will provide one complimentary touch up based on reasonable wear and tear within 2 months of purchase. After 2 months, any touch ups requested will incur a fee. 

How do I care for my wearable artwork?

It is important to avoid harsh chemicals, scratching, and aggressive rubbing.  Although your artwork will not wash off in the rain, we suggest not wearing your bag while dancing in the rain.

Will the paint on our luxury items chip or fade?

We use custom paint mixtures, as well as prep and finish each surface so it should last as long as you treat your wearable artwork with care.

Can the paint be removed?

Upon removal request, we can paint a new design covering the area of the previous luxury artwork, as the surface underneath is unrepairable.

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