Leftys Right Mind | ArtSugar


Leftys Right Mind is the result of combining innate artistic abilities with an ever growing and relentless obsession with art, and its seemingly endless possibilities of expression. What started out as simply an outlet for the (you guessed it) left handed, Danielle Becker, Leftys Right Mind has continued to captivate artists and clients alike. A self-proclaimed “design nerd,” Danielle is in her element when experimenting with various design techniques. From graphic design to hand painting, sketching to experimenting with glitter, Danielle’s unrelenting passion is what keeps her work unique.

This exclusive collaboration with ArtSugar is an exploration to try and discover the balance between graphic precision and free-flowing, yet purposeful, inaccuracy. By freeing ourselves of rigid guides and rules, figuratively letting our hair down, we are able to truly embrace the essence of creativity, and develop a relaxing but decisive collection. Juxtaposed between trained graphic perfection and an accidental splatter of paint, this collection is the interpretation of Leftys Right Mind original artwork.