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Followed by her left hand and a steadfast love for creative problem solving, artist Danielle Becker paints within the lines but dreams without boundaries.

A self-proclaimed design nerd, with roots in graphic design and art direction, curiosity and discipline drive her artistry.

Danielle Becker Lefty's Right Mind


As someone who thrives on the art of juxtaposition,
blending storytelling and high fashion with commercial marketing,
Danielle's story is twofold - challenging unimagined design while connecting to nostalgia and stories that matter. For Danielle, it always comes back to a purposeful, quality experience.

LRM challenges and enriches Danielle's life in ways that make her a better entrepreneur, leader, friend, partner and mother.


Wherever you go,
go with all your heart.

Artistic Style

A blend of abstract
and typography design.


Effortless, modern
and timeless.

Favorite Word

Ricochet: Get knocked down and ricochet the f' back up. 

Dream Project

A chosen artist to refashion
the iconic Lady Dior bag.

Guilty Pleasure

Eating gummy candy until
the inevitable stomachache.


Currently needlepointing a
Fendi baguette.

Happy Place

Relaxing at home,
with my babes.

Welcoming all creative brainstorms.

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